Blue Letter Bible – this is a one-stop shop for bible study.  Here you will find the ability to search by word, or verse, in many different versions of the bible.  You will also find the Greek or Hebrew origin on words, cross-references to other verses, and commentaries.  An incredible powerful way to search the Word.

The Sin of Certainty – (book by Peter Enns) – this book was incredibly helpful to me when I left the Mormon Church — when things are certain, when you think you have all the answers, there is little room for faith or really reliance on God.  This book helped me embrace NOT having all the answers — and oh the freedom and joy in that!

Mormon Stories – Founded in 2005, Mormon Stories podcast is the longest running and most popular Mormon-themed podcast.  Hosted by Dr. John Dehlin (Clinical/Counseling Psychology), Mormon Stories podcast seeks to understand, explore, challenge, and improve the Mormon experience through stories.

CES Letter – a letter posed by a once-faithful Mormon follower.  He was told that if he could write down what he questioned, the church would answer him and clear his doubt.  Once he wrote and submitted this letter, no response was ever received.  This is a compilation of all the questions he had about the validity of the religion, why he questioned it and what he found in the way of information on the topics.  This is incredibly “heady” – very intelligent writing, but it’s A LOT (138 pages).  It pretty much dismantles the foundational aspects of the history, scripture and basis of the religion. – a site that states it is neither for or against the LDS relgion.  It takes timely topics and presents both sides of the topic fully, allowing the reader to come to their own conclusions. – an apologetic website providing answers to criticisms of the LDS religion.